Thursday, July 5, 2012

Part 3 of My Superlative Vacation: The Sidetrips

3nd Stop: Flying High In Bukidnon, Dahilayan Adventure Park, Manolo Fortich, Bukidnon

One of the things I was looking forward to do during my Mindanao Vacation was to try the Longest Dual  Zipline in Dahilyan Adventure Park. I have heard some of my friends recount their experiences of it and after they have took some risks they all said the same thing - it was beyond breathtaking. Then, I swore that I would have to try it for myself one day. 

Dahilayan Adventure Park was the last stop of my sidetrips. Save the best for last, as they say. I woke up early on that  day so I could catch the first trip to Camp Phillips in Bukidnon. While trips bound for Iligan is situated in Bulua Terminal, trips bound for Bukidnon, Davao and Butuan are situated in Agora Terminal in CDO.  That morning, my first glimpse of the skies made me hesitate if I should push through with the adventure or not. I thought that it would rain and if so, getting there would be challenge as the road would be muddy and I was not sure if they would allow to do the zipline when it is raining. With the uncertainty, I still pushed through with the trip but I have decided that if it would rain, only then would I decide what to do. 

Pineapple! They're everywhere

I was one of the first passengers of the jeepney and I chose the front seat so that if I have any questions where to drop off, it would be easier for me to ask the driver. It took almost an hour to fill the jeepney but I was not bored because the excitement overpowered me. It was also a good thing to always leave early as we have avoided traffic considering that there was a road construction on the road going up to Bukidnon. It was almost 8 in the morning when I arrived in Camp Phillips and the kind driver drop me off where the Habal Habals are stationed and even secured a driver for me to bring me to Dahilayan Adventure Park. 

The road to Dahilayan with Kitanglad Range from a distant

Me at the Pineapple Plantation
I was lucky with the habal habal driver that I had. Not only did he safely brought me to the park and back to the terminal but he was also somewhat my tour guide as he was giving me information about the place, patiently answered all my queries and my instant photographer. Camp Phillips is a community in Manolo Fortich. This is where you can find the vast pineapple plantation of Del Monte and a home to some of it's employees. The houses are structured in a way that they look similar and the place is really clean.  As Camp Phillips is part of Bukidnon, the weather is cold most especially in the morning. From the terminal station, we passed through the pineapple plantation and I was awed with how vast the area is. I was even tempted to pick pineapples along the way and bring it home but I did not. Further, I was able to see the Kitanglad Range from a far that brought back some good old memories about my climb there. While on the ride, I breathe the fresh air that I could not find in the metro and embraced the beauty and serenity of the area. After an almost 30 minute ride, we arrived at the park.

I proved to be an early bird again as when I arrived there, the booth was still closed and I still had to wait until it opened. There were already fellow thrill seekers in the booth also waiting for the booth to open. In the interim, I sat in one area and observed how beautiful the park is. Too bad though that I was not able to take pictures of each spot on the park but I swore that I would return here someday or maybe in the soonest possible time. When the booth opened, I lined up, paid the corresponding fee, signed a waiver and was advised to wait for the vehicle that would take us where the zip line would start. I was still excited but then this time, there were some traces of fear as I am putting my life at risk. Upon arriving at the starting point, we were strapped on to the proper safety outfit and briefed on the do's and dont's while doing the zipline. We were asked on who wants to go first. No one answered but I ended up the first one to be opening the show.  

Photo Ops Before While Waiting for the Booth to open

This is it! Ready for the longest zipline

I moved forward near the edge of the platform. They checked on my gears and outfit, had me faced down so I would look like I would be flying while doing it and gave last minute instructions. The person in charge instructed that he would count from 5 down to 1 and then it would be a go. The last word I heard was when he said 5 and after that all the words they uttered were blocked off from my ears as I felt mixed emotions - fear, thrill and excitement. I closed my eyes and when I opened it, they sent me out already - I was already flying. I extended my arms as instructed and I felt like a bird at that point of my life. I was way above the trees and it was a different high that I was feeling that time.  The height made me feel superior, the speed made me feel like I am breaking free and the wind against me gave me a taste of what heaven is. While I was nearing the finish line, I smiled as they were taking pictures of me and being the first one to go, I had a large audience applauding for me. When they finally strapped me off of my outfit, I felt like trying it again. At that time I could testify why my friends dubbed the experience as breathtaking.


I wanted more. I even wanted to try their new adventure which is drop zone but I said to myself that I would like to reserve it for next time and I would surely tag some of my friends to share the experience. 

I am glad I took some risks. Initially I was uncertain of going because of the weather but the weather turned out to be perfectly alright. I swallowed my fear of heights and I was rewarded with an unparalleled experience. What is it they say about investments? The higher the risks, the higher the returns. If this experience was a financial investment, I would be filthy rich.


  1. Ikaw na ang may superlative vacay. Di ka naman nagyayaya eh. BTW bago na number ko.

  2. ano ka ba nung may pa to...kelan na tayo mag ka climb ulit? ano na number mo?

  3. Great post! It’s always such an interesting experience to go to somewhere you just feel good. I’m so excited for your next travel! Hopefully, kasama mo na ko. I'm looking forward to more stories and pictures!!!

  4. @ neil dee... am sure kasama ka na sa mga future travels ko ... you will be my photographer para mas maganda ang pictures...